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Japanese Special Operations Units
SBU:Special Boarding Unit
It was established in JMSDF after the Spy Ship Case off the coast of Noto in 1999. They have a time to train with Brithsh SBS.
3 Troops, about 60 members.
Headquarters/Edahima, Hiroshima Prefecture

SOG:Special Operation Group(tentative name)
It was inaugurated into JGSDF on 29th March of 2004.
about 300 members.
counter Terrorims operationn.

SAT:Special Assault Team
It is a SWAT like high-trained elite team. They have a time to train with German GSG-9. MPD and 6 other Prefectural Police(Osaka, Hokkaido, Chiba, Kanagawa, Aichi and Fukuoka) have SAT.
In September of 1977, Japan Red Army hijacked, and NPA(National Police Agency) took no effective measures. So, the Cabinet ordered establishment of anti-hijack team.
Artillery Troop, 6th Riot Police, Department of Security, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
It is brigaded 4 Platoons, 20 members each.
-SMG:H&K MP5 series
-Hund Gun:SIG P226, P228...
-Sniper Rifle:H&K PSG-1...
-Flash Bang

SST:Special Security Team
The start of SST was for the security of the Kansai International Airport by JCG(Japan Coast Gurad). They have a time to train with American SEALs and operate against seajack, pirates of Sumatra, spy ship from North Korea and so on.
It is brigaded 3 Troops, 10 member each in 5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters .

Japanese Intelligence Organizaitons
CIRO:Cabinet Information Research Office
DCI(Director of Cabinet Intelligence):Toshinori Kanemoto (since April 2001) -- [previous Directors are from NPA(National Police Agency)]
Vice Director
General Administration Department
Domestic 1st Department - domestic intelligence
Election Team
Policy and Legal Affiairs Team
Political Party Team
Labor Team
Domestic 2nd Department - collecting and measures against mass media, public opinion
International Affairs Department - in charge of collecting foreign information --[previous Manager are from NPA]
Trading Firms Team - information exchange with Japanese trading firms
Liaison Team -liaison with foreign intelligence organizations
Korean Peninsula Team, China Team, South East Asia Team, Russia Team, America Team, Africa-Middle East Asia Team, Europe Team
Military Team
Mission Team
Economy Department
Source Material Department
*commissioned organizations to collect information
foundation - World Politics and Economics Research Council
incorporated association -Southeeast Asian Affairs Research Council, International Affirs Study Group, Citizen Publish Association, Democracy Study Council
Cabinet Information Collection Center(old Internaional Affairs 2nd Department)
established April 1996
General Affairs Team -collection and settlement information from open source both home and abroad
System Development Team -control of information network and communication device in large-scale disasters
News Team
Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center
Tomato reception station
lot area/8.7ha
administration building/4-floor
gross floor area/2,400m2

PSIA:Public Security Intelligence Agency
 第二管理部門:朝鮮半島担当. 北朝鮮国??班, 朝鮮総聯班, 商工連班.
 第三管理部門:中国・東南アジア担当. 中国国??班, 駐??中国大使該ャ班, 留学??班, 民主運動??班....

IAB:Intelligence and Analysis Bureau
Headquarters : 東京都??ヶ関2-2-1 TEL:03-3580-331(??表)
??Computer System Center:情報センター??
??Intelligence Coordination Division:国??情報??
??First Analisys Division:?(TM)析第一??
??Second Analysis Division:?(TM)析第二??
??Research Division:?<=????

??型安一??:共産党, 新??翼, 旧オウム真理?>=等担当
 ?...??前E策??:旧型安三??(1972〜2001). 革マル派, 中核派, 革労協前E策等担当
??型安二??:右翼, 皇??警??, 要人警護等担当
 >東京都??野市三沢3-20-11, 他各地?...?>=線通信所?(TM)???>し, 国??・鞠l海の?>=線??傍受・??読.

??型安二??:革マル派, 労?!=組合, 組織??糠l前E策担当

DIH:Defense Intelligence Headquaters
organized on 20th January of 1997.
about 1,700 members
Headquaters-Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Director - Admiral
Vice Director - Deputy Director-General
General Administration Department
Plan Department
Imaginary Department
 一??=露国, 二??=中国, 三??=朝鮮半島, ?(TM)??=??号??読, ????=?????(TM)析